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Wild Horses Soapery's products are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality - hand-made, hand-cut, and hand-wrapped with love.

Browse our selection of products and find the right choice for you. 

Handcrafted Soaps

Natural and Artisan handcrafted soaps created with the finest oils and other ingredients - like French green clay and Dead Sea mud.

Face & Perfume Oil

Oils scented with various fragrances and essential oils.

Sugar Scrubs

Emulsified sugar scrubs- no mixing necessary.

Lip Lovers

Pamper yourself with a variety of unique lip balms.



"I loved the sugar scrubs! They smell great, the texture is really nice, and the scrubs are very effective without being too harsh."

-Hannah M., TN

"The lip balm I loved, and unlike so many others, it LASTED. No more repeated reapplication every few minutes. 100% satisfied, not to mention everything was beautifully packaged and labeled!"

"I know my soaps. I have tried sugar scrub stuff before from a retail store, and it was so messy and it got everywhere and leaked from the package, and I didn't notice anything great about the results-- I really felt hesitant to try it again after my first time. So. It's still sitting on my shelf in my closet.


I ordered this [Blue Lily scrub] from Volt Soap for five bucks. It's got a natural scent. It's meant for serious exfoliation, just the way I like it. My skin is GLOWING. 10/10 stars. I love everything about it. Its texture, the way you scoop it out and it's semi solid, but then it loosens up and is easily spread across your skin. Just. Brilliant. So, so pleased.


Additionally, my boyfriend doesn't care for heavy, very-poignant scents. They tend to give him a headache. But, when having him smell right up to the bars of soap from this place, he's fine. He can smell it, but it's not overwhelming. It doesn't dominate your presence, if that makes sense."

-Katie W., KS

-Callie M., 19, KY

"Volt Soap's sugar scrub is a skin saver. Especially during long, harsh winters! The scent is just a touch and not overwhelming like most scrubs, and leaves my skin feeling great."

"Absolutely loved! Smells amazing, and I like that they aren't sweetened. New favorite lip balm!"

"Amazing scents and a very high quality product!"

"Very pretty, well-made soap!"

-Sam, 16, MO